While a drunk Batman lies on the ground, Robin discovers that he's been smoking crack again. Batman gets up an two men walk past carrying the Batcomputer. The men reveal that they're taking the Batcave because Batman owes them money, Robin asks Batman why and Batman answers that he spent his money on crack.

Now they are homeless, Batman comes up with an idea to let Indiana Jones on the team. Together they travel to a forest and find an idol. Indy tells Batman that he should handle the idol because he's an expert.

20 minutes later, Indy finally grabs the idol and him and Batman escape the collapsing tunnel. Batman calls the Batwing and they fly back to the Batcave, where they meet Robin and Mutt Williams. Robin is happy now they can get the cave back but Batman says that it costs a dollar fifty and they'll put it next to the giant penny. Robin then shouts,"Fu--!" But the credits roll before he can say the word.