Robin (Robin the Freebird) was wearing a black costume that said R and F. He was fighting goons and then killed them.

A few hours later, in the Batcave, Robin was with Batman in his rediculous tights. He and Batman were at the Batcomputer. Batman asked Robin if he knew some guy that Batman was viewing, and Robin said no and told Batman to stop bugging him. He put on his black costume and another mask. He went out on his motorcycle and rode around for a while when he spotted Batgirl and then crashed.

Meanwhile, in some building, Robin woke up and saw Batgirl. Batgirl told Robin a story about how a wizard named Harry Potter brought her back to life after Robin shot her. Robin said that he and Batman killed him. Batgirl said, "All I know is, I'm alive." Robin went to sleep and dreamed about the whole story on how Batgirl traded Robin in for Batman to be her boyfriend. He also dreamed about how he changed his name from Robin to Robin the Freebird. He also dreamed about how he murdered Batgirl and how Joker killed him and Batman and how Harry Potter killed the Joker and bought him and Batman back to life and how Robin and Batman killed Harry Potter.

Batgirl woke Robin up because there were gun shots outside. They went out and found Bane and Joker firing guns. Robin killed Bane and Joker. There were also Harley Quinn and Penguin firing guns, but were killed by Batman. Batgirl, Robin and Batman got shot and fell into unconsciousness.

Robin, Batman and Batgirl woke up and were tied up. They saw Harry Potter and relized that he or his henchmen captured them.

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