Batman and Robin were dancing to Mamamia, when Riddler and Harley Quinn came. Batman saw them and told Robin to turn on a cool song. Robin went to the computer and turned on a song, but it wasn't a "cool song". Batman told Robin again to turn on a cool song. But Robin turned on another lame song. Batman told Robin to turn the damn thing off. Robin did, but then said, "Fine, Batman. But that's some quality music." Batman told Robin to get into "attack mode". Robin held a Batarang in his hand and was about to throw it at the villains. But before he could, Riddler told them he didn't mean any harm and told them a story about the Joker who discovered Riddler and Harley's love for each other. Batman told them to stay at the Batcave while he and Robin would go kill the Joker. The Dynamic Duo then hopped in the Batmobile and took off.

Meanwhile, at Joker's house, the Joker was listenig to a lame song when Batman crashed into the door. He fell and got up again. Robin jumped over the Joker and threw a batarang at the back of his head. Batman says, "Excellent team work, Robin". Robin says thanks.

Back at the Batcave, Riddler told Harley Quinn they were gonna have a party. Alfred popped out behind the Riddler with his arms up and yelled out, "Hell yeah!!" He got on the ground and crawled over to a door and opened it. Then tons of party guests came in the room and started partying. Then an awesome rap song called "Yeah" was turned on. The guests included Spider-Man, King Leonidas, Harry Potter, Edward Cullen, and a bunch of other people. Harley took off her hat and threw it across the room. Some people were either dancing, smoking or talking.

Meanwhile, in the Batmobile, Batman and Robin were listening to an awesome song called "Enter Sandman.  At 1 point, Batman ran over a horse.

At the Batcave, people were still partying, still listening to "Yeah". Even Alfred was dancing. He ended up wearing Harley Quinn's hat. Harry Potter came up to a girl and told her that he had a huge magic wand. The girl punched him hard in the face, sending Harry to the floor. Harry got up and sat next to a wall. Leonidas came up and showed Harry how to get a girl to like you by asking the woman to suck his dick. The woman did.

Batman and Robin came home and parked the Batmobile in the garage. Batman said that the mission was awesome because they hit a freaking horse. Robin said, "That wasn't awesome, Batman. That was mean. Batman then called Robin a fagget. Robin said that he wasn't. Batman asked Robin why Batgirl even liked him. Robin said it was because she wanted him to be her boyfriend. Batman told Robin that the only reason Batgirl liked him was because he was gay. Robin said that didn't even make sense. Batman said it did because girls like faggets. Batman told Robin to shut up. Then he opened the door and found the guests dancing and having a party. Batman asked what was going on. Riddler said that he could explain, but Batman said that there was nothing to explain. He accused him for inviting Edward Cullen. He even accused Alfred for not telling him that they were having a party. Alfred tried to explain, but before he was done talking, Batman shot him, killing him. He then asked Edward if he wanted to die next. Edward said that they didn't invite Robin either. Batman looked at Robin for a few seconds and then back at Edward, saying, "Is that really supposed to make me feel better?" Batman then aimed his gun at him. Edward said that meere bullets wouldn't stop him, but Batman shot him anyway. Batman then told Robin to turn on a cool song. Robin went to the computer and turned on a song. But this time, it was cool. Batman killed everyone with a machete and a gun. He also killed Harley Quinn. Riddler beat up Batman, but the Dark Knight then killed the Riddler after he said, "Riddle this, bitch." Robin and Batman were wondering who would date Harley Quinn (because she's as freaky as hell). Harley got up, but Batman shot her multiple times and blew her up with a bazooka. King Leonidas got up and said, "Dude, what the fuck did I miss?"

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