The black-ski masked man that only goes under the name as the Bad Carma Passenger is one of two characters in Forrest Fire's Bad Carma movie. He seems to be one half of a robber duo, the other being the Bad Carma Driver.

He wears a black balaclava that covers his face and only reveals his blue, emotionless eyes as well as a brownish orange parka that overlaps his later blood soaked, white T-shirt. He also has a pair of blue jeans and a black watch strapped around his right hand.


After robbing a bank, the aforementioned duo drive away in their car before stopping in a parking lot. The Driver begins to talk his partner in crime, but he doesn't respond and simply stares into space. The Passenger finally whips out a pistol, deciding to kill the Driver and take all of the stolen money for himself, and the two engage in a bloody fight in the front seat. After the fight is driven to the backseat, it ends with the two flying out of the back of the truck. The Passenger then pulls out a shotgun from the backseat and fires a strong round into a downed Driver's leg, crippling him. Instead of putting the Driver out of his pain filled misery with a shotgun shell to the skull, the Passenger tosses the firearm down and attempts to use a nearby cinder block to crush his enemy's head in with.

However, the Driver rips out his own useless shin bone and gouges it into the Passenger's leg, making him fall and drop the block on his head, instantly killing him.


  • The Passenger, as the Driver himself pointed out, doesn't speak much. His only audible noises are battle grunts and the exclamatory, "FUCK!", however, this is muffled due to his tight mask.
  • He apparently has a wife.